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University Hotels and Student Accommodation
(Canberra, Australian Capital Territory - ACT, Australia)

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Most of Canberra's hotels and visitor accommodation can be found in the city centre, around Capital Hill, Kingston, and Barton areas. Hotels are most likely found near the city's famous tourist spots and destinations. Canberra hotels are quite expensive, but they offer clean and comfortable temporary living space for travelers.

Hotels and Accommodation

Canberra has a variety of inexpensive hotels, hostels, guest lodges, motels, and caravan parks for visitors and travelers going to the University of Canberra. These accommodation are located south of the city's centre in Capital Hill. The hotels are clumped in the Kingston and Barton districts along Akuna Street, Binara Street, Dryandra, Giles Street, Kunzea Street, Marcus Clarke Street, and Northbourne Avenue. These prime locations provide travellers easy access to the city's public transport system. Other accommodation can be found in the Manuka district, Queanbeyan, and all over the Australian Capital Territory (ACT).

Travellers are advised to book their hotels at least a month before their trip. Most of the city's hotels, hostels, and guest houses are fully booked in peak seasons like holidays and during festivals held in and around the ACT.

Student Accommodation

The University of Canberra provides its local and foreign students with spacious campus residences and accommodation. Also known as 'ressies,' these accommodation facilities house over 1,050 students. They are consolidated in the following residential blocks: Blocks PQR, COLHOUSE, IH, UV, Blocks A-H, and Blocks I-N.

The residential houses in UC are the following:
  • Arscott House
  • College House
  • International House
  • University Village
  • Old Ressies
  • New Ressies
  • University Village

New students are advised to reserve their ressies in advance. Ressies have different payment modes to fit any type of student budget. For students who want to live off-campus, a number of off-campus accommodation not too far from the university are also available. Students can choose to rent directly from the owner, real estate agent, or from the university itself. For students on a budget, they can share accommodation with others. They also have the option to permanently reside in the house or stay there for only one school year.

UC also offers special accommodation like 'substance-free' areas, graduate age areas, women only areas and disabled student areas. The substance-free areas are residences that can be found in blocks A-H, I-N, and UV. They are called such because they are free from alcohol and drugs. They are quieter residences highly conducive for studying and resting. The graduate areas are offered to graduate students who are at least 21 years old. They provide older students with a quiet residence. The women only areas are for female students who are uncomfortable living in mixed environments.

The university accommodates international students who choose single-sex accommodation for cultural and ethical reasons. Disabled student areas are specifically constructed for students with handicaps and physical disabilities. Students can apply for campus residences by sending a completely filled-out application form and the necessary documents. It is recommended to look for residences early regardless of the type of student accommodation.

Canberra University

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